Wherever you go, and wherever you are, you’ll find that a bench vise is useful in many projects.

This versatile tool can be used in different woodworking jobs. It can even be used to work with metal and other materials. A bench vise can offer the stability that you need to finish the job with precision and excellence.

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Here are the uses of a bench vise:

Cut wood and metal


Need to cut wood using a saw? Use a bench vise! It can help you hold the piece of wood you’re about to cut for your DIY project. A bench vise can efficiently grip the material you’re working with as you cut it all the way. This thing can save your other hand from the dangers of holding down the material while you cut with your other hand. Even if you just need to modify the shape of metal, you can still use the bench vise.

Cut electrical conduit

A bench vise can secure the conduit in position while you cut it. A pipe can be difficult to work with especially for novices, which is why a bench vise is needed for safety purposes.

Drill with precision

Bench Workbench Hobby Workshop Garage Tools ViceIf you’re a beginner at handling power tools, chances are you don’t know how to use it with accuracy yet. With a bench vise, you can complete the job with ease. This handyman tool can stabilize any material so you can drill holes correctly.


Need to sand a piece of wood for your home improvement project? Get your bench vise ready! It can minimize the job and maximize your productivity by keeping the wood in place as you use both hands to sand the material. It’ll remove the struggle you once dealt with (securing the wooden piece) while you sand.


You see, a bench vise isn’t just a useful clamp; it can even serve as a workbench!


Get yourself a bench vise today and be in awe of how fast you can finish your usual tasks!