Let’s face it: most of us think that “chainsaws” are out to get us – and it’s all thanks to “The Texas Chainsaw Massacre” movie franchise. But did you know where this handy tool originated?

chainsaw hacking wood

Mostly used for cutting down trees, a chainsaw is a portable mechanical tool with chain rotating along a guide bar. To start using one, just pull on the electric cord that comes with it. Just remember to steer clear from anything that, or anyone who, might be accidentally cut and that you are holding it right –holding its front handle with your left hand, grabbing its rear handle with your right hand, keeping your legs apart for stability, and simply pulling its brake to disengage.

There are four basic types of chainsaws: the manual one, the gas-powered one, the electric-powered one, and the battery-powered one.

According to SFGate, the manual one consists of an ordinary chain with handles at each end and cuts on both directions of its rotation. The gas-powered one is easily distinguishable because of its revving and then idling characteristic. The electric-powered one is deemed more advantageous than gas-powered ones with its light weight. The battery-powered one is meant to overcome the limitations set by other chainsaw types, but also comes with its own limitation of needing to be charged from time to time.

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Now, brace yourselves – all these chainsaw types and the concept of this handy tool itself is said to originate from Scotland. Yes, you read that right. Thing is, before chainsaws became an outdoor tool, it was used for indoors – specifically, for surgeries. And yes, you read that right again. An abstract paper found on the National Center for Biotechnology Information states that chainsaws were first seen and used by Scottish doctors John Aitken and James Jeffray way back in the late 18th century. Although its original place of invention is still debatable, the paper mentions the two doctors doing all sorts of medical researches and achieving breakthroughs with a chainsaw as their primary tool for symphysiotomy and excision of diseased bone.

Now, that’s really interesting – a chainsaw as a primary tool to treat bone diseases, instead of having the usual perception of it being just a tool for hacking away trees and *gulp* body parts in horror movies.

leatherface from texas chainsaw massacre

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