If you are reading this article, you are most likely looking for Runescape hacks and tips. You want to get as many Runescape Items and make as much free Runescape gold as possible with the least effort. I am sorry to say to you then that the only Runescape hacks that work are those that get you hacked.
All over the internet, most Runescape forums, message boards and even in the game itself, you will find Runescape scammers. These are people who will tell you that they will be able to make you wealthy and give you loads of items. The only thing they want from you is your username and password. Whatever you do, do not give this to them. They are users who will login to your account go the Runescape bank, take out all your items and gold and deposit it in their account. At this point, they both change your password and leave you without a Runescape account, or if they are somewhat “kind,” they will return the account to you. But if you lose your items, it is highly recommended that you check out the Runescape solomon’s general store, in which you can buy items for real money.

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What about Runescape hacks I can download for free? Again, don’t! Often these Runescape automakers, auto fighters are trojans and key loggers. This means they take control over your computer and find out what your Runescape password is and then hack it.
How can I protect myself?

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Make your Runescape password long, and use numbers, characters and capital letters.
Only use this password for Runescape.com (the game), nowhere else. It has happened that Runescape users have signed up for Runescape forums with the same username and password and then got hacked.
Do not download any Runescape Hacks. They are all scams. Why? If you had a program that would make you millions in Runescape would you give it out for free? You wouldn’t!
Do never give out your password or any details that can lead to someone knowing it.
Be careful in Runescape. There are a lot of scammers trying to get your Runescape gold and items.
So next time you go and search for Runescape hacks, keep all this information in mind. Find a set of trusted Runescape sites and listen to them. How can you know if it is a trusted site? They will never ask for your Runescape password, and the Runescape hacks they offer are often good Runescape tips and guides.